General FAQ

for individuals who have created a personal profile on Missional.Life


Why did you build the Missional.Life tool?

Our heart has always been to help people live on mission, wherever God calls them... whether is is international, domestic, or just crossing the street to meet a neighbor.  When we talked to organizations and individuals, we realized that there wasn't anything out there to assist and make it easy to build a support community.  Our goal is to help you build an army of supporters, so when God calls you to act, you have people encouraging, praying, and supporting your every move.


What do you do with the information I provide?

Your information and security is incredibly important to us.  We only use your information in ways that furthers your missional engagement and you are given a lot of control as to the privacy of the information you provide on this platform.  To see this in action, click on your profile in the upper right corner and you can see a wide variety of privacy settings that you can toggle to meet your preferences around follower requests, communication, etc.


What happens when I invite my friends and family?

Individuals and other connections that you add become part of your support team and they will receive an email invitation to follow you.  As you continue to update your profile by adding stories, prayers, and other items, they will receive notifications about your journey.  This is a great communication tool to keep those who support you well informed.


Why should I connect with my church or a sending agency?

Your church connections (or connections with a potential sending agency) are added to your admin page and can be removed or edited later.  You are given the option at the time of adding this organization to merely keep it on your profile as a connection or invite this church/agency into your support list.  If you enter a contact person, Missional.Life will reach out and invite them to create a profile so that they can connect with you as a church/agency.  As you update your profile with stories, prayers, and other items, your church connections will receive notifications about your activity.  This is a great way to help keep them informed about what is happening in your life. 

How secure is Missional.Life?

We treat security very seriously in all of our endeavors and strive to protect your information with the latest industry best practices.  These include, but are not limited to, encrypting data in transmission, encrypting any data at rest, limiting access to your data, scanning for any new vulnerabilities that emerge and providing layers of protection throughout our system.  If you would like a deeper explanation, please reach out to us and we can answer any questions.


Does this cost money?

Missional.Life is completely free for users, regardless of how many followers, logins, etc.  This is a way for us to support what God is doing in and through your life.  If churches, sending agencies, or non-profit organizations would like access to an aggregated feed of all of their followers, there is a small cost as described below.



Supporter FAQ

for individuals who have been invited in by someone else to support them on their missional journey


Why (and how) was I invited into this?

You were invited by someone who believes that you are essential to their journey into living a missional life.  Regardless of your role in their life, they felt it important to include you on this journey.  Over the next few weeks, you will receive emails from our system helping you understand this process and how you can come alongside and encourage this person in the upcoming months/years.  Whenever this user posts a prayer, a story, or an activity, the system will send you notification so you can be aware and walking with them in this journey.  Thanks for joining!


Is this something to raise funds?

No.  This is primarily a means to provide emotional and spiritual support.  There may be times when this participant may venture out and go on a missions trip.  In that case, any fundraising would be done via another tool (e.g. ServiceReef) or conventional means (e.g. a fundraising letter).